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Hors D'oeuvre (Appetizer)

Sprout and Yam Goodness

Sweet potato and bean sprouts minged with spices and a tinge of lemon juice


Vegetable Masala Samosa

Indian Style homemade pastry stuffed with vegetables


Vegetable Crunch Medley

Seasonal vegetables tossed in house special sauce


Kale and Crispy Spinach Munch

Layers of organic baby spinach and kale infused with tangy flavors


Hors D'oeuvre (Appetizer)

Kheema Samosa

Homemade pastry filled with minced chicken and vegetables


Lamb Bhuna Bhatura

Succulent lamb slow roasted with dehydrated masala, served on puffed bread


Galawat of Alaskan Crab

Griddle cooked small loaves of mouthwatering Alaskan Crab


Orange Ginger Scallops

Exotic combo of orange, scallops and snow peas with a hint of ginger


Soups and Salads

Soup of the Day

Please ask your server for details


House Salad

Combination of greens and vegetables with your choice of dressing


Chicken Tikka and Kale Salad

Our chef's signature salad


Malai Kabab Caesar Salad

Our chef's special combination of Malai Kabab and Caesar Salad


Flavors of Tandoor

Tandoori Murgh Half/Full

Succulent & delightful signature delicacy from Punjab


Seekh Kabab

Chargrilled Lamb or Chicken skewers


Anant Signature Kabab

House special kabab


Reshmi Malai Chicken

Roasted Chicken served in our chef's signature sauce


Lamb Chop Sharabi

Lamb chop, cooked with red wine, served with Skillet Potatoes and Portobello mushrooms


Sunehri Jhinga

Grilled jumbo prawns tossed in our house special marinade


Amarpali Snapper

Chargrilled snapper with nuts pilaf, drizzled with nettle oil



Kofta-A-Sahib Anjeeri

Yokun Gold Dumplings stuffed with Fig and Nuts in a creamy cashew sauce


Makhmali Paneer Saag

Velvety green spinach with Indian Homemade Cheese


Khoya Kaju Curry

Roasted cashews simmered in a rich, creamy gravy


Punjabi Kali Kadai Ki Daal

Melenge of three special lentils cooked with ginger and fenugreek leves


Sabz Mughlai

Delightful vegetables with dry fruits in an onion sauce


Methi Malai Corn

An indulgent and fragrant Corn characterized by distinct flavors of fenugreek


Tawa Paneer Khhata Pyaz / Tofu

Indian Homemade Cheese and Vegetables imbured with aromatic herbs and spices



Amchoori Kadai Okra

Okra cooked with ayurvedic Nutrients rich in iron


Khumb Coconut Hariyali Tofu


Paneer Makhanwala

Indian Homemade Cheese in Luxurious buttery tomato sauce


Paneer Khurchan

Shredded Non-Melting Cheese merged with Bhuna masala


Pindi Chholey

Garbanzo beans soaked overnight and cooked with a host of aromatic masalas


Quinoa Chicken Curry

A healthy meal composed of organic quinoa, lean chicken, spices and tomato


Butter Chicken

Rediscovering one of the best known delicacies from India


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