Lunch Menu

Savory Bites

Chicken Tikka Avocado Chaat

Avocado with White Meat Chicken and Chef's Masala Twist


Florets Medley Manchurian

Broccoli and Cauliflower tossed in Sweet and Tangy Sauce


Lat-Mai Khumb & Vegan Cheese

Lightly Sauteed Tofu and Farm Fresh Mushrooms in Hot and Sour Sauce


Cajun Jhinga Galouti

Traditional Lucknow Galouti of Shrimp with Cajun Spices


Banboo Hogget Seekh

Indian Style Prime Lamb Skewers with Bamboo Shoots


Express Lunch

Select Protein

Vegetarian 11 / Paneer (Indian Homemade Cheese) 12 / Chicken 13 / Lamb or Goat 14 / Seafood 15

Select Base - Palak (Saag)

Pureed Spinach with Fenugreek

Tikka Masala

Slow Cooked Creamy Tomato Sauce with Chef's Secret Ingredients

Mirch Masala

Tomato Sauce with Chunky Onions and Peppers


Goan Aromatic Curry Flavored with Vinegar and Garlic


Combination of Cooking Style and Recipes Developed in Medieval India with Rich Flavor of Nuts

Express Lunch served with side of Naan, Basmati Rice, and choice of House Salad or Soup


Lassi - Mango / Sweet / Salty / Strawberry


Punjabi Chai / Coffee


Soft Drinks / Bottled Water


Ice Tea


Alligator Pear Shake



Navratan Korma

Blend of Vegetables in a Creamy Cahew Sauce


Bharwan Eggplant

Show Cooked Stuffed Baby Eggplant


Kasoori Bhatti Aloo

Small Yokun Golds sauteed with Fenugreek


Dal Makhani

Traditional Punjabi Lentils slow cooked overnight


Mango Dal Tadka (seasonal)

Blend of Two Lentils flavored with Raw Mango


Shahi Paneer Malai

Indian non-melting Cheese in velvety House Special Sauce with Nuts


Butter Chicken

Reinventing authentic taste with traditional flavor from Punjabi


Murgh Methi

Tender Chicken in Spiced Fenugreek Sauce


Signature Chicken Kababs

Cooked in a Tandoor (Clay Oven) - Tandoori / Tikka / Malai


Salmon Anant

Hawaiian Salmon marinated in Signature Sauce and Cooked in Clay Oven


Seafood Cafreal

Tangy Goan Tavern Herb Sauce with Seafood



Aromatic Spicy Rice - Vegetable $12 / Chicken $13 / Goat $14 / Shrimp $15 / Egg $13 / Lamb $14

Entrees served with side of Naan, Basmati Rice, and choice of House Salad or Soup

Specialty Bread

Garlic Naan


Coconut Cherry Naan


Truffle Naan


Vegan Tandoori Roti


Stuffed Kulcha - Onion / Potato


20% Gratuity will be added to Parties of 5 or more

Not all ingredients are listed in the menu. 

Before placing your order, please contact the restaurant if a person in your party has a food allergy or other food sensitivities. Please be aware that Anant is not a gluten-free environment. Our menu items are handcrafted in our kitchen, often times using shared equipment and variations in vendor-supplied ingredients may occur. 

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